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Essential Equipment for Commercial Kitchen

If you own a commercial kitchen, you know how important it is to have the right equipment. Without commercial kitchen supplies and commercial catering equipment, your business will suffer greatly. There are many types of commercial kitchens that require different pieces of commercial cooking equipment in order to function properly.

We listed some essential items for any commercial kitchen.

Commercial gas ranges

Commercial gas ranges have long been a staple of commercial kitchens. The best chefs use these to cook quality dishes for their clients, and it is difficult without one in your kitchen! You need these if you want the perfect cooking experience.

Commercial gas ranges are an essential part of any business’s commercial kitchen; they provide excellent meal preparation opportunities with a great taste no matter what dish you’re making because that’s how good, this equipment is designed to be used by those who know what they’re doing.

We recommend that commercial kitchen owners invest in at least three commercial gas range units, so they have plenty of options when catering large events or preparing multiple dishes at the same time.

Commercial ovens and baking dishes

Commercial ovens bring flavor and warmth to your restaurant. When you’re looking for the right one, be sure it’s designed with all of your needs in mind: convection ovens are great for baking cakes or dishes that require more time on low heat; pizza ovens offer an option if you want doughy crust like at home; rotisserie is perfect for cooking meat evenly throughout without drying out too much.

Commercial food processors, blenders, mixers, slicers, and grinders

These are all extremely important for commercial catering equipment. Commercial kitchen owners may not realize how much these types of commercial cooking equipment can help them with their business until they have to do without one!

Blending foods properly is essential if you want a flavorful dish that will impress your guests. Mixing and grinding commercial cooking equipment ensures that your recipes come out tasting great. And commercial food processors help with chopping vegetables, making sauces, or prepping everything for the next step in a commercial catering business meal.

Commercial refrigerators and freezers with at least two inches of insulation to keep food items fresh

Many commercial kitchens use commercial refrigerators to store food items like fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. Freezers are also very important for commercial catering equipment because it’s commonplace where commercial chefs will freeze stocks or other specialty dishes in order to have them on hand when they need them!

It is essential that the insulation of these freezers are commercial catering equipment is at least two inches thick to maintain a constant temperature.

Refrigerators and freezers are essential to any restaurant business. Without proper food storage, other equipment is useless!  

Refrigeration systems can range anywhere from reach-ins that sit at floor level next to kitchen counters all the way up to large walk-in coolers used by larger restaurants that require serious power consumption (upwards of 20kW).

Commercial hoods or ventilation systems to remove cooking smoke from the kitchen space

Commercial kitchen owners need commercial hoods or ventilation systems to remove cooking smoke from the commercial kitchen space. Commercial kitchens use commercial exhaust hoods to collect and filter excess air that is emitted into the atmosphere when frying, sautéing, boiling, roasting, baking, broiling, or grilling food items.

A commercial exhaust system will protect commercial kitchen staff, customers and building occupants by preventing the spread of smoke throughout the commercial space.

Commercial kitchens need commercial ventilation systems in order to function properly!

The exhaust fan is one important piece of equipment for any commercial catering business because it removes cooking smoke from a commercial kitchen so that air quality stays high. It’s also necessary for commercial catering equipment because commercial kitchens have to adhere to strict regulations on air quality.

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems come in different types, with one of the most common being a commercial hood system that is attached directly above the stovetop or cooking surface and vents out into the outdoors (or higher up if there’s no open outdoor area).

The commercial ventilation or commercial cooking equipment, or commercial exhaust vents are installed into the ceiling and distribute air to the commercial kitchen space.

Cookware and kitchen utensils

Commercial kitchens use cookware to prepare, store, or hold food items that will be served by the commercial catering company.

There’s a lot of different types of commercial cooking equipment used in commercial kitchens! Cookware includes pots, pans with commercial catering equipment, commercial kitchen utensils like spoons and ladles.

Cookware is important because it allows the chef to control how hot or cold food items are cooked. It also helps with commercial cooking equipment because most of the time commercial cooks have a commercial stove top burner that commercial catering equipment won’t be able to get very hot.

Work tables and stations

If you want to make your restaurant successful, it’s important that the chefs have ample space in which they can work. In order to make the quality food and dishes defined in a menu, you’ll need some good equipment. The biggest investment you’re going to want is a sizable table that a whole staff can work on.

Work tables are important for commercial catering because it’s a surface on which foods can be prepped, cooked, or prepared in any other way before they’re served by the commercial kitchen.


The variety of knives in a cutlery set is an essential tool for any chef. Each knife varies depending on the type and size, from bread to carving or anything between! Make sure you have everything covered with industry-grade products designed exclusively for commercial kitchens, like boning knives and fillet blades.

Commercial Dishwasher

If commercial catering equipment and commercial cooking equipment are handled in a commercial kitchen, it’s important to have a commercial dishwasher. It saves you from having to wash dishes by hand!

Commercial kitchens need commercial dishwashers because they take the labor out of washing dishes after meals. You don’t want to risk your clean-record with health inspectors because commercial catering equipment and commercial cooking equipment can’t be properly washed by hand.

Commercial dishwashers help with commercial kitchen cleanliness because it’s a way to keep things free from harmful bacteria that could make people sick!

If you own a commercial kitchen, make sure to include these pieces of cooking equipment.

We hope this list was helpful and got you thinking about your business. And for your catering equipment needs, you can check International Catering Equipment (ICE).